• Project by Lola Cazes

  • Project by Dominic Schlögel

  • Project by Charlotte Baverel

  • Project by Milos Ristin

  • Project by Seraina Lareida

  • Project by Carolien Niebling

  • Project by Takafumi Nemoto

  • Project by Hyunwook Lee

  • Project by Roberto Lombardi

  • Project by Ulysse Martel

Workshop for ECAL

Art direction for an ECAL Masters in Product Design workshop led by Michel Charlot in collaboration with SIGG, the Swiss manufacturing company famous for its iconic recyclable aluminium drinking bottles. The students developed lunch boxes, food containers and accessories in relation to European, Asian and American cultures whilst considering SIGG’s DNA. Art direction and photos with Emile Barret, 2013.

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